Managing Tasks through Remote Teams

Managing Tasks, Project Outcome through Remote Teams
Managing the tasks and project becomes very challenging when it comes to remote teams. Remote teams are the people working on the same project from different locations. There are lots of remote project management platforms to start a new project with remote teams. 
Communication within the remote teams is very important in planning and executing the project. Many of the researches also have shown remote teams can lead to higher individual contribution and distinct thinking.
Well qualified and independent thinking people can take the remote project and tend to work in the project. Emails, chats, video calls are very much necessary when working together on a remote project or else it may need to miscommunications. Each team member is allotted a specific task and made to complete it within the scheduled time.
There is a lot of responsibility and team work needed to be involved for the success of a remote project. The team uses different communication medium and collaborate with each other to complete their work at the specific time period.
Several tools can be involved in keeping track of workflow in individual as well as in a team. Everyone is given the access to the tool and they are subjected to be updating their work report in the specified tools which is approved by everyone.
Virtual platforms can provide enormous of advantages to these remote teams. They show the tasks as to  how it has to be performed , along with guidelines and step by step process. te teams.
Communicating  frequently about the tasks, outcomes and goals with deadlines is the very essence of a successful task completion. The clear communication with proper project flow will contribute in providing the best quality of work done.
Being transparent, giving and getting feedbacks are quite common on remote teams. The remote project can work out well when  all the team members are properly giving the updates, at the correct time and the  members are open to the feedbacks.
There are multiple challenges in managing the remote teams starting from the language, cultures and different time zones. Maintaining a proper communication with motivation will lead to the success of the project.
Hiring  the right people, investing in proper tools, gaining trust, following workflows and maintaining transparency will always bring success. Eventually the productivity and efficiency will also increase.
Some of the successful companies operating with these remote teams are SAP,IBM,General Electric, Apple,Zapier etc.For instance General Electric which employs more than 90,000 employees throughout the world manages its remote teams by investing in training its leaders and employees. Through a virtual classroom, employees learn how to collaborate to achieve common goals with interactive e-learning and quizzes on foundational virtual teamwork concepts.A professional personal feedback helps the employees  determine their strengths and weaknesses and identified ways to enhance performance.

Rise of Augmented and VR Tools in Talent Management

   With the latest and faster technology changes , Companies adapting to the newer technologies will have bright future. Several areas are finding its applications in AR and VR for Talent Management, collaboration, increased productivity and many others.
What are VR and AR?
Virtual Reality makes the users to interact with the environment which can be both realistic and non-realistic.
Augmented Reality shows the user about the complete information of an object or place.
A combination of AR and VR can make the real world and virtual world to one. Users can interact even with the digital objects and produce new environments. Big companies are using this technology for their recruitment process and to increase the productivity. Earlier, this technology was mainly used only by the gamers and researchers..
This technology has led the way to provide inter-active business advertisements online. VR and AR helps  the candidiate to engagei in a complete job interview from anywhere in the world . It helps even the employees to do the tasks and practice before applying into the real world.
AR can be used to increase the workers speed and accuracy. Step by Step instructions can be given to the workers to complete their work and tasks. It is also capable of showing the real time productivity of the employees.
Using VR the employee can experience his daily tasks before joining the job itself.He can also learn about his   co-workers, managers, projects etc. Workers can easily collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world. Meetings, conferences and presentations can be conducted using VR headset and make them live anywhere from the word. It can bring the virtual world inside the real world.
Virtual prototyping helps to shorten the  time and cost in product development.  NASA uses VR technology to train its  astronauts to walk in the space and with AR, users can see any object or product and find its complete description. This mixed technology gives a real world experience to the people of the world.
Virtula reality and augmented reality  can be used in workplaces to improve quality,production and lower the cost and time with more accuracy.. 
VR can be more helpful for business because workers, investors and share holders are dispersed all around the world and make them all live at the same time.. Boeing also uses this technology to train their pilots. AR technology tells all the steps to be carried for assembling of any product. Many of the car companies have shown an ideal example of it as when car assembling is done, the AR tells the steps orderly to complete the work at less time and with quality.
These two AR and VR have lots of advancements in the near future and most of all the businesses will be adapting this technology for their quality production.



Agile Project Management and Waterfall Model

Agile Project Management
    Agile Project Management is one of the methods used for Software Development Projects. It is an iterative approach based on continuous improvement of products and services. The project is divided into short development cycles and result generated is checked then and there.
Agile is one of the collaborative and efficient methodology. It is used in all type of industries like marketing, advertising, construction, education and finance. Agile was originally developed for software industry to deliver customer with a good product. This methodology can easily identify the errors and it can be resolved soon. 
The agile method mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and gives a continuous delivery of services. 
Team members, developers and customers collaborate daily.
Meetings are conducted regularly to work more effectively.
When the design and development of the product are divided into small iterations, the highest priority work will be completed first and remaining is carried out. Finally the end product will attain the success.
Advantages of Agile
It is the most popular and highly effective project methodology.
It is more flexible and adapt to new changes
Issues can be easily detected and resolved
Always focuses on the customer satisfaction
Reduced waste of time and resources
Better and rapid solutions to the project
Increased collaboration and regular meetings with team members. 
Waterfall Method
     It is the first process model introduced in software development. It is also called as linear sequential life cycle model. In this model 1 phase is to be completed before continuing the next phase. The output of the previous phase acts the input for the next phase. There is no overlapping in the phases.
The sequential phases in the Waterfall method are
Requirement Gathering and analysis- The requirements of the project are written and documented like what the product do and how it does it.
System Design- After preparing the requirement specification document the system design is prepared. The system design specifies the hardware and software requirements of the project which helps in building the system architecture.
Implementation- The inputs from the design are gathered and developed into small programs known as units and sent it for unit testing.
Integration and Testing- All the units are gathered after completion of testing. Finally the entire system is tested and given for deployment.
Deployment- After all the testing activities are completed the system is released in the environment for the customers.
Maintenance- There may occur some errors in the customer environment so to fix the issues maintenance are carried out. When better version s is released the products are maintained.
Works well for small projects when requirements are less
All the phases are clearly defined and carried out in a step by step process
Easy and very simple to understand
All the phases are clearly defined
Requirements are well documented and fixed.



IOT Connected World Growth

The word “Internet” is called as International network of computers. Due to the tremendous growth in internet usage, the whole world has shrunk into a global village. As the things are changing in technology, now comes the ‘’Internet of Things’’. The whole world is using this technology for all their needs. Internet helped connect laptops, desktops and smart phones earlier. Now there are multiple home appliances, industrial manufacturing and businesses which became smart.
It can also be called as ‘’Next Digital Revolution’’. Using IOT people from all over the world can easily communicate and work. Many companies have started providing their business through IOT, so the customers can get the better services. There is also number of factors that drives affinity towards IOT services. The sensors, device connections and lifestyle adapted to this latest technology.
The IOT applications are divided into 2 segments and they are 
1. Industrial
2. Consumer Segments.
The industrial segment contributes to the development of industrial automation online and development of smart cities all around the country.
The consumer segment contributes to the smart home, health, food and enterprises automation.
The use of such technology will be beneficial for all type of businesses and consumers. It helps gain efficiency. This technology becomes essential for growing business by the end of 2020. By using IOT, businesses can reduce the cost of production, warehouse shifting and logistics. IOT will open doors for retailers and wholesale marketers.
It can provide smart and secure home services, smart health services and better shopping experiences. IOT can increase the security of organizations data. Now there are number of devices and networks related to security that are connected to IOT.
IOT has laid the foundation for the development of new type of applications and technologies. Its growth can be seen in all range of sources. Small sensors in devices, Radio Frequency Identification for security and delivery of the products.
This IOT devices will open the way to ‘’Big Data’’. According to NASSCOM the market space of the IOT is expected to be around USD 3 trillion by 2020. The major advantage of IOT applications is it will result in higher productivity with better efficiency.
IOT devices and applications will lead to various innovations in technology. We can see the real and virtual world on the same.



Importance of an MBA degree

What is an MBA? Master of Business Administration is an internationally accepted masters degree to enter the world of management. 
It has its core curriculum subjects in various fields such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource,  etc. MBA program teaches helps the young generation to enter the competitive business/management world. MBA is all about administration of the business and the skills applied to attain overall success. It teaches all the latest trends in the business and apply them in real time.
Developing new managerial skills
It will teach all the necessary skills to manage the workers in the company. It will also help you to deal with the latest managerial techniques in the industry and about the latest issues in the business.
MBA also teaches how to create a positive image to the company, maintain finance status of the company, manufacture, advertise and sell products in the global market, hire new employees to the company, create and work according to the hierarchy. The top managerial activities are carried out by the MBA holders.
To become an entrepreneur
MBA will help you to strategize and launch new ventures to satisfy a business need. They also become employers, investors and investors in many businesses. 
By becoming an entrepreneur they generate more revenue and give opportunities to many families to thrive. They deal with the latest technology and  be open to fresh ideas before starting their own business. They also have the strong mindset to take risks which cannot be done by all. They are generally very strong in their vision to succeed.
Opportunities for networking
It will open up a network to work with different type of people in the world. These connections will help them in gaining knowledge about the finance and marketing strategies of the other companies. The business network will help collaborate with more number of people around the world.
Through the business network you can connect with various types of people and can discuss about the business related issues and get multiple perspectives to sort the bsiness problems. It will help you to expand the existing networking connections.
More salary in the industry
An employee with MBA degree is generally highly paid when compared to other employees working in the firm. MBA employees have the highest responsibility towards company growth and hence it warrants highest salaries. 
Employees with an MBA get the highest opportunity to travel all over the world and gain more knowledge about the working culture in different countries. Knowing about the cultures of the people and their way of living. Being a successful manager requires lots of skills in terms of finance, technology and marketing. Having better management skills will help succeed in life-long learning, work and the life.




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