Autonomous Vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles are the ones with an ability to operate itself without any human effort. These kinds of vehicles are expected to be in market in the very near future. Many of the automobile companies are showing lots of interest in production of these driverless vehicles. These vehicles are also called as robot vehicles, driverless vehicles and autonomous vehicles.
These vehicles are being tested in the roads of America and other Europe Countries but the commercial availability to the public is still not available.
Autonomous vehicles are made with GPS sensing technology for navigation and sensors to avoid collisions of vehicles. To go on the road, avoid collisions and obey traffic rules, different types of sensors such as ultrasonic, radar, image and Linar sensors are used. These sensors show the road map and help it in reaching the desired Destination. In 2017 US government has given approval for self driving vehicles. Many companies have started their trial on the roads.
Uber launched partial self driving taxi using a concept of ride sharing. Tesla stands in the first place to test the autonomous vehicles. They are even planning to launch driverless truck on the roads. General motors have done with its first trial drive with its self driving Car.
Google’s self driving project is Waymo. Google started this project in 2009 and in 2016 it became Waymo. Now it started its public drives in US.  
Advantages of Automated Vehicles
1. Automated Vehicles decreases the number of accidents caused by the human error.
2. Computers calculate the distance between two vehicles using complicated algorithms and reduce the accidents.
3. These vehicles serves as a cost saving activity associated with time. It will be more helpful for the passengers to reach the destination in time.
4. Drunk and Drive problem can be reduced by these Automated Vehicles.
5. These vehicles may also reduce the traffic on roads.
6.  Less parking spaces would be required to park these types of vehicles.



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