IOT Connected World Growth

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The word “Internet” is called as International network of computers. Due to the tremendous growth in internet usage, the whole world has shrunk into a global village. As the things are changing in technology, now comes the ‘’Internet of Things’’. The whole world is using this technology for all their needs. Internet helped connect laptops, desktops and smart phones earlier. Now there are multiple home appliances, industrial manufacturing and businesses which became smart.
It can also be called as ‘’Next Digital Revolution’’. Using IOT people from all over the world can easily communicate and work. Many companies have started providing their business through IOT, so the customers can get the better services. There is also number of factors that drives affinity towards IOT services. The sensors, device connections and lifestyle adapted to this latest technology.
The IOT applications are divided into 2 segments and they are 
1. Industrial
2. Consumer Segments.
The industrial segment contributes to the development of industrial automation online and development of smart cities all around the country.
The consumer segment contributes to the smart home, health, food and enterprises automation.
The use of such technology will be beneficial for all type of businesses and consumers. It helps gain efficiency. This technology becomes essential for growing business by the end of 2020. By using IOT, businesses can reduce the cost of production, warehouse shifting and logistics. IOT will open doors for retailers and wholesale marketers.
It can provide smart and secure home services, smart health services and better shopping experiences. IOT can increase the security of organizations data. Now there are number of devices and networks related to security that are connected to IOT.
IOT has laid the foundation for the development of new type of applications and technologies. Its growth can be seen in all range of sources. Small sensors in devices, Radio Frequency Identification for security and delivery of the products.
This IOT devices will open the way to ‘’Big Data’’. According to NASSCOM the market space of the IOT is expected to be around USD 3 trillion by 2020. The major advantage of IOT applications is it will result in higher productivity with better efficiency.
IOT devices and applications will lead to various innovations in technology. We can see the real and virtual world on the same.


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