Kaizen Approach for Management

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         Kaizen Approach is applied to improve productivity, quality and efficiency of the business organizations. Kaizen is otherwise known as continuous development. It shows a systematic approach in process carried out by the companies to get a good profit. Kaizen approach generates the major profit to the companies in a secured way. It is a slow process carried out in a regular basis to give large improvements in the growth of organizations.

Kaizen Origin

     The word kaizen is a Japanese word which means a continuous development, where ‘kai’ means change and ‘zen’ means good. The kaizen approach has begun after Toyota achieved better production which is after the Second World War It shows the continuous improvement in efficiency of work from the top level employee to the low level employee.

       This process is a strong improvement of lean production model in lean manufacturing. Kaizen management has its major priority in the manufacturing industry. All the employees in this process regularly identify and rectify the problems. This process always lies on implementing new method and achieving the goal. Kaizen process always gets opinions and ideas from all the team members and implements the work. This process gives a continuous improvement starting from small improvements and then attaining higher improvements.

Advantages of Kaizen Process

Kaizen process enhances manufacturing  process

It decreases the manual error and improves the performance of work

Kaizen process is also very easy for training employees and involve in specific process.

Companies using Kaizen Approach

1. Great Western Bank

     It is a US bank from many years. Great Western Bank uses kaizen approach to minimize its processes. Opening an account in this bank is a 34 step process but by using kaizen process it has been reduced to 24 steps. It provides better service to its customers.

2. The Ford Motor Company

     Mulallay who was the former Vice President of Boeing introduced the kaizen approach in Ford. It has been an efficient process to Ford and helped them in rough times during the recession period of late 2000s.

3. Herman Miller

      It is one of the American furniture company which uses kaizen approach, which made them 500% increase in productivity and 1000% increase in quality. The chairs use 82 seconds to come in a line using this Kaizen Process.

4. Lockheed Martin

     It is one the known aero space company which uses kaizen approach. In 2010 Lockheed Martin used kaizen approach to develop its Joint Air-to-Ground missile which showed how kaizen approach can help in launching a new product.

5. The Gujarat Government

     Gujarat is one of the largest democracy in the world which uses kaizen approach. The Government conducted two weeks of training for more than 80 employees which can help their services in public sector. It showed how this approach can even improve services in Government Sector.

To conclude, the kaizen principle can be applied across all type of  industries and process to improve the overall performance of product or service.

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