Managing Tasks through Remote Teams

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Managing Tasks, Project Outcome through Remote Teams
Managing the tasks and project becomes very challenging when it comes to remote teams. Remote teams are the people working on the same project from different locations. There are lots of remote project management platforms to start a new project with remote teams. 
Communication within the remote teams is very important in planning and executing the project. Many of the researches also have shown remote teams can lead to higher individual contribution and distinct thinking.
Well qualified and independent thinking people can take the remote project and tend to work in the project. Emails, chats, video calls are very much necessary when working together on a remote project or else it may need to miscommunications. Each team member is allotted a specific task and made to complete it within the scheduled time.
There is a lot of responsibility and team work needed to be involved for the success of a remote project. The team uses different communication medium and collaborate with each other to complete their work at the specific time period.
Several tools can be involved in keeping track of workflow in individual as well as in a team. Everyone is given the access to the tool and they are subjected to be updating their work report in the specified tools which is approved by everyone.
Virtual platforms can provide enormous of advantages to these remote teams. They show the tasks as to  how it has to be performed , along with guidelines and step by step process. te teams.
Communicating  frequently about the tasks, outcomes and goals with deadlines is the very essence of a successful task completion. The clear communication with proper project flow will contribute in providing the best quality of work done.
Being transparent, giving and getting feedbacks are quite common on remote teams. The remote project can work out well when  all the team members are properly giving the updates, at the correct time and the  members are open to the feedbacks.
There are multiple challenges in managing the remote teams starting from the language, cultures and different time zones. Maintaining a proper communication with motivation will lead to the success of the project.
Hiring  the right people, investing in proper tools, gaining trust, following workflows and maintaining transparency will always bring success. Eventually the productivity and efficiency will also increase.
Some of the successful companies operating with these remote teams are SAP,IBM,General Electric, Apple,Zapier etc.For instance General Electric which employs more than 90,000 employees throughout the world manages its remote teams by investing in training its leaders and employees. Through a virtual classroom, employees learn how to collaborate to achieve common goals with interactive e-learning and quizzes on foundational virtual teamwork concepts.A professional personal feedback helps the employees  determine their strengths and weaknesses and identified ways to enhance performance.
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