Rise of Augmented and VR Tools in Talent Management

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   With the latest and faster technology changes , Companies adapting to the newer technologies will have bright future. Several areas are finding its applications in AR and VR for Talent Management, collaboration, increased productivity and many others.
What are VR and AR?
Virtual Reality makes the users to interact with the environment which can be both realistic and non-realistic.
Augmented Reality shows the user about the complete information of an object or place.
A combination of AR and VR can make the real world and virtual world to one. Users can interact even with the digital objects and produce new environments. Big companies are using this technology for their recruitment process and to increase the productivity. Earlier, this technology was mainly used only by the gamers and researchers..
This technology has led the way to provide inter-active business advertisements online. VR and AR helps  the candidiate to engagei in a complete job interview from anywhere in the world . It helps even the employees to do the tasks and practice before applying into the real world.
AR can be used to increase the workers speed and accuracy. Step by Step instructions can be given to the workers to complete their work and tasks. It is also capable of showing the real time productivity of the employees.
Using VR the employee can experience his daily tasks before joining the job itself.He can also learn about his   co-workers, managers, projects etc. Workers can easily collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world. Meetings, conferences and presentations can be conducted using VR headset and make them live anywhere from the word. It can bring the virtual world inside the real world.
Virtual prototyping helps to shorten the  time and cost in product development.  NASA uses VR technology to train its  astronauts to walk in the space and with AR, users can see any object or product and find its complete description. This mixed technology gives a real world experience to the people of the world.
Virtula reality and augmented reality  can be used in workplaces to improve quality,production and lower the cost and time with more accuracy.. 
VR can be more helpful for business because workers, investors and share holders are dispersed all around the world and make them all live at the same time.. Boeing also uses this technology to train their pilots. AR technology tells all the steps to be carried for assembling of any product. Many of the car companies have shown an ideal example of it as when car assembling is done, the AR tells the steps orderly to complete the work at less time and with quality.
These two AR and VR have lots of advancements in the near future and most of all the businesses will be adapting this technology for their quality production.



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