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  • Nationally Ranked!!! Only A++ Institution in TN for 2 Consecutive years!!!Ranked higher than MOST B Schools. Thanks to the BEST faculty and Students!!!

  • A Knowledge Venue (KV)An environment focused in pursuit of Knowledge, Sustainable Attitude and a Lifelong Leadership.Read More

  • KV-IM MBAIf you want to develop the skills and mindset to make an impact on the Business World, Our MBA Program will be a smart choice...

  • KV IM Students are DPL 2014 Champions among competing BSchoolsIt is always the attitude and smartness that wins, Let us work together and success will not be far..

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We are -
◈ One of South India's top ranked B-Schools based in Coimbatore.
◈ A progressive institution with an environment that brings out the best in Students and Faculty.
◈ Very focussed on creating opprtunities for students to learn, engage with industry and create the futures they envision.

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To be a centre of Excellence in Management for the holistic development of Bussinesses,Entrepreneurship and Research in Management with a humane and global outlook.

We are committed in enhancing the holistick development of bussinesses, Entrepreneurship and Research in Management with a humane and global outlook.